deflated balloon

Get busy living

Some days life comes along and bursts your bubble, throws you the curviest of balls and deflates your balloon. But, before you allow sadness and frustration to wash over you, stop and consider this.

None of us know what’s around the next corner, when our own time will be up or when we’ll lose someone special from our lives. All we can do is live our life to its very fullest potential.

Every day, each decision we make weaves itself to become our history; to become the imprint we leave behind. So, when that curve ball comes and you lose someone before you’re ready to let them go, the very best thing you can do is step up and chase your dreams.

Honour the person you’ve lost by promising to make the most of each and every day. For surely they would give their all for just one more.

Get busy living. Scratch that, get busy shipping.

  • FookedonHonix

    There is only one potential… and it is determined by causality.