party of five

Party of five

Call me crazy… but we just got a puppy.

A teeny tiny eight week old puppy. Along with two small people, we are now officially a party of five.

As adorable as he is  - and he is very adorable! – I can’t escape how he suddenly adds a whole new layer of complexity to my already complex day. At least for a while.

Much like a newborn baby, this bouncing bundle of black spends his days doing one of only four things: eating, sleeping, making mischief or relieving himself. Priorities have suddenly switched to garden breaks every two hours, if only to prevent happy accidents inside the house!

On my first day home alone with the furry newborn, it felt like ‘garden time’ had stolen my day and my productivity had been hijacked. Just a few days later though and the tweaked routine is already finding its feet.

Garden breaks are now more efficient, taking much less time to complete and being achieved with a little multi-tasking – both of which help to remove the feeling that time is being wasted.

With iPhone to hand, I capture notes and blog posts in iA Writer, edit lists in WorkFlowy, answer emails in Help Scout, check Twitter for mentions of Buffer; all while grabbing some fresh air and indulging in a coffee.

So, as much I assumed garden breaks were going to be a pain in the productive a**, I’m actually finding them to be a little the other way. Enforced breaks – something I’m usually rubbish at achieving – are not only getting me off my chair and outside; they have the added benefit of a few cheeky minutes to myself, as well as a chance reflect and catch my breath.

An unexpected productivity twist if ever there was.